About Us

Monkey Project mainly focuses on electronic music, and has its own records company. MP puts a lot of value in bringing out new talents. MP does not only plan daily or seasonal electronic music events but also is a partner to many international agencies like Afterlife, Diynamic and Innervisions for their artist bookings in Turkey. At the same time MP also provides solution oriented consultancy on Venues and Regions for electronic music.


We will never judge you by your look, your life choices; your given language, religion, race, gender, or sexual preferences. What really matters to us is how positive your vibe is: do you care for others more than yourself? Are you prepared to protect your tribe? Will you treat your fellow tribesmen and women with the same level of respect that you would like to be treated yourself?

What matters to us is your inner beauty: we believe that karma is real and that how much you put into this world will directly affect the world that you leave behind for future generations. We want to make this world we live in a better place for everyone. If you feel the same as us; and if you share our beliefs, then YOU are part of this family and family means more than anything to us. We will NEVER leave you behind; and above all else, we will always be connected by the transformative power of LOVE.