Turkey, which is emerging from the names in the electronic music market "Analog Context" and the melancholy feeling weighted sound it produces taking place in the melodic tunes were depressed levels in the short acclaim. Art Vibes Music and Music For Dreams, single, remixes and Analog Context, which soon became the Beatport Top 100, is a renowned German record label.

Analog Context, in front of Turkey's Zorlu Psm, Klein, Kite, Roxy, found the scene to take point in Duskin entertainment venues. As in the production of his music career, he played melancholic and melodic sounds on stage shows. His works aroused emotional urges, which increased his audience day by day. Production and Mixmag in Turkey opening party scene as a continuation of the success garnered the acclaim of the audience with the play set before Eelke Kleijn.

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