Burcak Cakiroglu is an Istanbul based DJ who was born in 1979. His DJing adventure began back in 2001 when he discovered his huge interest and talent in mixing sounds on turntables. Burcak grew up listening to classical music and new age. In early 2000s he drawn into deep and melancholic electronic sounds. This explains his great interest in the genres like deep house, melodic techno and progressive house. However, over the years he has widened his interest and added disco, soul, funk and afro rhythms to his repertoire as well. He officially got on stage in 2003, performed at many international and local night clubs, venues, lounge bars, events. Also shared the same stage with famous international names during those times. Burcak built his sound's structure based on melodies and rhythms which were blended with characteristics of various genres. In his own words, Burcak expresses his feelings on the stage as, “Music is my passion and there is no other sensation on earth that gives me more excitement than touching so many hearts with my melodies...” Burcak is the founder of "Sound of Bosphorus" society which was a very popular community for electronic music lovers between 2008-2012 with its unique sound and private organizations. Events have been sponsored by many world-wide brands and hosted by the top, upscale clubs, lounge bars of Istanbul. Recently he is working on composing and production alongside his DJing.

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