Music Producer and sound designer Erdem Tunali studied Sound Engineering at Galatasaray ITM ‘City and Guilt’. After his graduation he was accepted to the Netherlands Royal Academy and studied ‘Sonology’ (Electronic Music Composition). He founded live electronic band ‘Post’ in 2008 and released 3 albums titled ‘Su yolunu Bulur’(2009), ‘Anti-Meta’(2010), ‘Organic Hologram’ (2012). Tunali attended the International Troy Festival (2007) and several exhibitions at the Elgiz Modern Arts Museum with his sound installations as a sound artist. He started a project called ‘Subgreen’ and released an album called ‘ Inner Mirror’ which contains 13 different electronic, experimental and ambient tracks in 2015. Erdem Tunali takes part in movie and theatre projects as a sound designer. He composed the soundtrack of a movie which is taken part in international movie festivals which is called ‘Anatolian Tales’ directed by Emin Firat Ovur. He also composed for short movies: ‘Aklimin Odalari’ and ‘Toto’ which are directed by Can Fakioglu. He has also taken part in ‘Bos Sehir’ which is an avant-garde theatre play directed by Derya Efe Uluca in 2017. Erdem Tunali founded ‘Monality’ project with Allen Hulsey, which is combining traditional melodies and futuristic beats together. He has achieved worldwide success with ’Monality’ and he played 300 concerts in 3 years in different events and places including Mykonos, Sonar Festival, Germany, Netherlands, Tulum, Beirut, Israel, Ibiza and Mexico. Tunali recently concentrated on his solo projects and albums and released his latest single ‘Pathwalker’ on digital platforms. He is still given concerts in Turkey and international events. He has performed in ‘Sonar Festival’ on main stage, which has a significant success around the world.

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