Future Nøw is a duo producers & DJ band founded by two close friends that were pursuing their own professional DJ careers separately since 2017 and decided to get together under a new name and move forward as a team. Being fascinated with music from very young ages the duo realized that delivering the mystical melodies and rhythms full of energy to their listeners was the best kind of future for them and they decided to build a career on their passions.
Beside their main genre being Melodic House & Techno, they also have sets for genres such as Techno, Afro House and Electronica / Downtempo and had played them in various events. Future Nøw took it upon themselves to produce a unique sound and style and to elevate the electronic music genres both in local and international platforms with creative production ideas and new releases. These two young DJ's are praised by both their followers and electronic music enthusiasts since the start of the project and by this acclaim, they were accepted into the family of the Monkey Project. With their first single 'Hedera' released by   Monkey Project Records, they reached out to an even bigger audience to have them feel the joy and the energy of the electronic music in it's every second.

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