Innarius's musical journey started in the early stages of his life when he received his uncle's old piano as a gift to excercise his creativity. As he progressed further with the piano, his insatiable passion drove him to learn as many musical instruments as he could. Shortly after, he joined a local band as a lead guitarist /singer and jammed with them for a while. In 2014, just as his taste ; his interest also shifted towards the electronic genres. In 2018, with the help of his friends in the industry; he began getting gigs at various venues & clubs and has been rocking the dancefloor ever since... He recently released his debut Ep Illusions (a mixture of rich, aggressive basslines and soft emotional tunes) which was an instant success.The Ep ranked 1# on beatport's melodic house & techno genre in it's first week, as well as crowning each song with valuable spots in the top 10 charts.

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